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Eko Supports Care Home Assessments

Eko unlocks the power of cardiovascular care during clinic-to-clinic telehealth visits, expanding access to patient care, alleviating strain on the health system, and reducing unnecessary exposure to COVID-19.

How to Auscultate with a Bluetooth Wireless Stethoscope

Without boundaries, Eko Telehealth brings the high-fidelity auscultation sounds and ECG you need to conduct a more comprehensive exam. With Eko AI Analysis, confidently identify heart disease by bringing a cardiologist’s ears into every exam. With easy-to-use videoconferencing, collaboration and sharing tools help you deliver best-in-class patient care.

Wireless Auscultation and ECG

Wireless connectivity not only offers convenience but also helps with infection control. It allows you to use your favourite earphones or speakers to listen to high fidelity auscultation sounds, and turn up the volume to help you hear your patient. Enhance every exam through amplified audio combined with visualisation of heart sounds and ECG—all while heightening infection control!

Demo of the Eko DUO ECG + Digital Stethoscope

The Eko DUO is the first combined digital stethoscope & 1-lead ECG device specifically designed for patients or home residents of all ages to operate under the remote supervision of a healthcare provider. The consulting provider can listen to high-quality heart, lung, and carotid sounds, analyse the patient’s single lead rhythm strip, and leverage Eko’s AI for automated detection of heart murmurs, AF, tachycardia, and bradycardia.

Dr Jack Aw Demonstrating the Eko CORE

Here Dr Jack Aw from Loomer Medical group in Staffordshire talks us through how to set up and use the Eko CORE Digital Stethoscope. In a few simple steps, he starts the device, connects to his iPad and records the sound – ready to be shared with other professionals or save to track progress on future examinations. 

Unboxing the Eko DUO ECG + Digital Stethoscope

The most advanced device of its kind, DUO combines a powerful digital stethoscope and ECG in a single handheld device. A large audio driver and comfortable ear-tips deliver rich heart sounds, while Eko’s patient-friendly software makes it simple to visualise and share sounds and ECGs. DUO can be used by clinicians as their day-to-day stethoscope, or by patients at home for longer-term self-monitoring when prescribed by a physician.

ANP Eko CORE Case Study

Using Eko, a provider at a patient site – a rural clinic, nursing home, or temporary COVID-19 hospital – can stream stethoscope audio & ECG to providers at a consulting site – a virtual care centre, medical centre, or specialty clinic.